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care instructions for Uwe Damm trainingheads

So that you can enjoy your practice head for a long time

For our training heads, we only use high quality hair in a wide variety of colors and hair lengths. You should therefore give your training head the same careful treatment that you offer your customer.

Our training heads offer an excellent cost benefit ratio and retain their properties for a long time due to their
high-quality workmanship with proper care. The following instructions should help you to enjoy your training head as long as possible.

Before any further use, you should thoroughly brush out existing spray and styling residues. Never let your training
head dry without careful combing and do not expose it to excessive heat or cold for long periods. Do not leave
curlers on your training head longer than necessary, the permanent tension can loosen the hair. Avoid storing
damp hair in plastic bags to prevent unpleasant odors from mold or mildew. Avoid excessive heat. Do not leave
training heads in dryers or areas with extreme heat for longer periods of time.

Cleaning and Care
Wash the hair always downwards with a non-alkaline shampoo and lukewarm water. Avoid strong pulling and  rubbing,
the hair is hand implanted and can become matted. Rinse off shampoo residues thoroughly. Care forthe hair with a conditioner or finish care.
Comb the hair with a wide comb, starting from the Ends to the roots.
Squeeze out residual moisture with a towel. 

Chemical Treatments
Please note that hair on your training head may already have been chemically treated. Our training heads with
real hair (goat, yak, horsehair is additionally defined and clearly identified by us) can differ in their results from
those with 100% human hair. Strand tests are recommended to preview results of all chemical treatments.

Protect the skin of your training head from color by using a skin protection cream and carefully cover the contour
area. If there is color on the skin, please remove it immediately. The use of heating devices in connection with
oxidative colors should be avoided. Bleaching hair that is already lightblond is not recommended.

Use products that are recommended for colored and
damaged hair. Perming of training heads with lightened
and extra-long hair is not recommended. Our training
heads with mixed hair are not suitable for perming

Synthetic & Mixed Hair
A maximum temperature of 120° Celsius is recommended for styling your training head with mixed hair. Training
heads with mixed hair can be colored darker to a limited


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