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Colorful Tanja Uebungskopf in verschiedenen leuchtenden Farben


Colorful Tanja

Traininghead with 60 cm Indian Human Hair

HAIRLENGTH ∼60 cm/24"
A: 60 cm/24"
B: 55 cm/22"
C: 50 cm/20"
HAIRCOLOR red, blue, green, yellow, violet, pum, turquoise
DENSITY standard
H/CM² 200-230 cm²
TYPE of HAIR Indian Human Hair
GRAM of HAIR 150 g
DIMENSION ~55.0 cm/21.6 inch
SPECIAL backing style

Training head Tanja catches the eye with her bright hair colors. She is equipped with 60 cm long Indian Human hair in the colors red, blue, green, yellow, violet, plum or turquoise. It is therefore particularly suitable for training dyeing techniques. This allows them to find out how hair coloring products react when applied to intensely colored hair. Of course, the particularly long hair also offers the ideal basis for updo´s and braided hairstyles and is also ideal for other hairdressing applications. 

Recommended Applications:

  • Cutting
  • Styling
  • Color
  • Updo


Available pieces:
RED:               5 pcs.
BLUE               9 pcs.
GREEN:           2 pcs.
YELLOW:         6 pcs. 
VIOLETT:         4 pcs. 
PLUM:            50 pcs.
TURQUOISE:   1 pcs. 

For your perfekt training we recommend to attached your Training Head to one of our high quality holders.

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