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Haarmuster von Uwe Damm fuer den Haarring

Hair Swatches

Hair swatches of Indian Human Hair or Goat Hair, 5 colors,

HAIRLENGTH ∼7 x 1 cm
HAIRCOLOR brown, light brown, gold blond, light blond, white
TYPE of HAIR Indian Human Hair / Goat Hair
SPECIAL 10 pieces
* 7,98

Equip your color ring with the individual color samples from Uwe Damm. So if you need to replace a lost color, add new colors to your color ring, or test a few shades in a specific color family, these samples are the answer. Show your customers which color would go perfectly or develop your coloring skills. 

The patterns are available in the natural colors brown, light brown, golden blond, light blond and white are made from 100% real Indian Human hair of Miss Goat Hair. The hair samples from Uwe Damm consist of 10 pieces in a pack of about 7 centimeters long and 1 centimeter wide.

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