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Homeschooling Set Angebot Trainingskopf Lana und Buch Sculpture erhaeltlich bei Uwe Damm Onlineshop

Homeschooling-Set LANA & Pivot Point SCULPTURE

NOW only € 49,90 instead of € 99,80

This unbeatable offer has been specially put together for trainees in the hairdressing sector. You will receive the training heas Lana for free with the framework "SCULPTURE" - women´s haircuts according to the Pivot Point method. 

Lana is a training head made of 40 cm long Indian Human hair and impresses with her versatility. Many different cuts and colors can be tried on the Indian temple hair. 

"Sculpture" is a 60- page reference book that gives hairdressing students education in a completely new way. This book prepares students for the "real world" of the salon and is critical to their success. This preparation includes learning the theory behind the practice - from anatomy to business management, to the fundamentals of marketing to the philosophy of design. 
€ 49,90 / Piece

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