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training heads with white gold

Brilliance at the highest level with the noble human hair of the Tibetan highland goat.

The hair of the Tibetan highland goat is the ultimate in texture and quality and is therefore also referred to as "white gold". A strip of hair with a maximum length of 35 centimeters grows between the chin and the chest. A kilo of this silky resource is worth the price of gold. These white goat hair mannequin offer a completely authentic working experience. Her white hair is perfect for coloring and promises an incomparable brilliance in pastel and creative coloring, since pre-bleaching is no longer necessary. Some of our training heads with Miss Goat Hair have the OMC seal of approval and are therefore approved for national and international competitions.
  • teri Ziegenhaar weiss by Uwe Dammteri Ziegenhaar weiss by Uwe Damm


    Sold out

    HAIRLENGTH ∼40cm/16"
    HAIRCOLOR white
    DENSITY increased
    H/CM² 200-230 cm²
    TYPE of HAIR Goat Hair
    GRAM of HAIR 130 g
    SPECIAL natural fall
    * 71,33

  • MIA

    HAIRLENGTH ∼35cm/14"
    HAIRCOLOR white
    DENSITY standard
    H/CM² 200-230 cm²
    TYPE of HAIR Goat Hair
    GRAM of HAIR 115 g
    SPECIAL natural fall
    * 67,93

    Piece á € 67,93
  • DANIEL with BEARD white

    HAIRLENGTH ∼20cm/8"
    HAIRCOLOR white
    DENSITY standard
    H/CM² 230-260 cm²
    TYPE of HAIR Goat Hair
    GRAM of HAIR 125 g
    SPECIAL natural fall
    * 52,53


    Piece á € 52,53
Uebungskopf mit Synthetikhaar und Mischhaar by Uwe Damm

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Synthetic and Mixhair
Echthaar Uebungskoepfe Uwe Damm

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Trainingskoepfe mit chinesischem und indischem Menschenhaar by Uwe Damm

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Human Hair

Trainingskoepfe Spezial und Stative und Fachliteratur

specials and holders
Slipon System by Uwe Damm Trainingheads

u00a9 Eigens -

SlipOn System
Sample Sale by Uwe Damm

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Sample Sales

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trainingheads with Miss Goat hair

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