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© Prozente: vegefox-, Hintergrund: Eigens -

Fachliteraut Sculpture fuer Friseurausbildung


Women´s Haircuts using the PIVOT POINT method. 60 pages

Hairdressers interact with a variety of customer types and must satisfy their individual wants and needs. This book prepares students for the "real world" of the salon and is critical to their success. This preparation includes learning the theory behind the practice - from anatomy to business management, from the fundamentals of marketing to the philosophy of design. Through methods, Pivot Point´s Sculpture textbook takes into account today´s generation of students, who learn and experience education in a completely new way. The theoretical basis is presented in a visual way and explained based on uniform art and design concepts. Basic technical concepts and practical solutions are applied and customer communication strategies are incorporated into the program. The new teaching philisophy significantly improves the way trainees learn. 
€ 18,00 / Piece

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