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Sustainable and fair

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Sustainable and fair

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From Raw hair to a training head

Sustainable and fair

The journey of our training heads begins in Indian and Chinese temples. Here the owners donate their cherished and tended hair, mostly for religious reasons, voluntarily to the temple to thank their gods. At official auctions the raw hair gets collected by approved “hair dealers”. With the revenues, the preservation of the temples is secured as well as funded charitable projects. Indian temple hair prices have increased by up to 20 times in the last 30 years and are one of the most valuable and expensive raw materials with prices of up to 600 dollars per kilo.
Our production facility is regularly audited by an independent company according to strict international ethical guidelines. However, we are not satisfied with adhering to them, fair working conditions and socially fair pay goes further for us. Our employees receive appropriate benefits and work in a clean and safe environment. Child labor is an absolute taboo for us.
Rohhaare nachhaltig und fair by uwe damm
Rohhare implantieren Uwe Damm

Gentle finishing process for training heads with quality hair

After the raw hair arrives in our factory in China, the individual processing of the hair begins. The hair is disinfected, washed with a mild shampoo, then brushed on a nail board and sorted in bundles according to color nuances and lengths. This is how we get our temple hair in Remi quality, which is the prerequisite for a training head with high quality hair.

In a special process - without destroying the cuticle layer - we slowly and gently dissolve the dark color pigments from our hair. This gives us the natural shine and elasticity of the hair for our mannequin. After that the hair gets dyed to the desired target color, rinsed, receive their final treatment - without silicone - and gets air dried.

The refined hair is then implanted by hand in the still bald training head by our specially trained staff. This allows us to differentiate implanting -densities, -patterns and -directions as desired. After the manual made make-up, the Training heads gets their personal name and go through the final quality control before being put into reusable fabric bags – from recycled PET bottles - and packed in protective boxes, start their journey around the world. This is how our Uwe Damm training heads are made by hand in up to 48 hours - with a natural fall and vortex, backing style, curls, with shoulders and eyelashes – like a real client.

We also attach great importance to the purification of the wastewater that arises during the processing of the raw hair. Combined with a leading waste recycling company, we are currently working on a sustainable disposal solution for no longer usable training heads.

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