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Lana Trainingskopf indisches Menschenhaar by Uwe Damm


Traininghead with 40 cm Indian Human Hair, brown, natural fall

HAIRLENGTH ∼40 cm/16''
A: 40 cm/16"
B: 35 cm/14"
C: 35 cm/14"
HAIRCOLOR medium brown / 5
DENSITY reduced
H/CM² 150-200 cm²
TYPE of HAIR Indian Human Hair
GRAMM of HAIR 90 g
DIMENSION ~50.5 cm/20.0 inch
SPECIAL natural fall

Training head Lana impresses with her versatility. Many different cuts and colors can be tried on the brown Indian Human hair. The low price for this high quality hair is also unbeatable. 

Recommended Applications:

  • Cutting
  • Styling
  • Color
  • Rollersetting

For a long life of this Human Hair Head, we recommend a lokk at our care instructions. 

For your perfekt training we recommend to attached your Training Head to one of our high quality holders.
€ 51,08 / Piece
* Prices excluding taxes & shipping cost
* Shipping to countries outside of Europe on request

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Trainingheads with human hair

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